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If. you are here for friendship and true living you found it! Are you ready to step into an awakened life designed by you but totally   God sized? I don’t think we want to miss another second of what God has for us. I used to be paralyzed by fear that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do..I was scared that life was happening all around me and I was missing it! I felt trapped and small. Well maybe I was a little bit right, but it wasn’t because I wasn’t chosen or lucky enough. It was because I wasn’t choosing to show up. If you are ready to design your life and step into    enough this is the place for you. Let’s watch God show up and rewrite the narrative that has held you back for far too long! We are in this together 💛

You are    gifted   and    created with such a unique and amazing purpose. You are needed in the world. There is no one else just like you or able to share your story the way you can. Gifts are given to you that are perfect for YOU! Made just right where your heart can rest and be happy. Dream of a morning of waking up with no more striving and no more exhaustion. Wake up knowing who you are with the ability to pour it out for others.
That is real living!  

Learn to be in the dark because there is a girl on the other side of this who needs to see your scars for her own healing.


Angie Hyche, CPO®

"I loved being a podcast on Ash + Ivy! Riley is such a wonderful host. She's able to draw out your story and the lessons you've learned from it in such a loving and encouraging way. I love her heart for God and for showcasing Christians who have a story of transformation. Her podcast has been such an inspiration for me. I'm so thankful to have made this connection with Riley, and I know she'll bless so many others with her message." 

Kim Smith,
Unbelievable Freedom Books

"Speaking in beautiful agreement with Riley shifted my thinking on my podcast format, and I’m preparing to bring back Season 3 with a fellow believer as cohost.  Thank you, Riley, for who you are and how you show up."

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