Are you here for the party?!  Ready to show up and live a life wide open? Wide awake and full of yes! 

..and full of no... ooh this is getting tricky.

The ash & ivy Show is a podcast designed for women who are ready for the more in their life.  I got so tired of playing small, talking small, living a mundane life. I was bored and I wanted to live life to its fullest potential. As my world got rocked and I took steps for healing, I realized how essential it is for us to have each other. The podcast is a space for walls to come down.  It’s a space full of truth telling and compassion.  Most of all, it is a space for you to be reintroduced to the God of the universe as your loving Father who is intimately involved in your story. He is covering and pursuing you and has such such good plans for your life. 

I get it..life isn’t always a party! Even though that is true we can choose our mindset and how we are going to move forward. We can choose to be women who seek the beauty and the life.  Full of yes to truth, full of yes to being spirit lead, full of yes to being brave and trying new things.We also are learning to say no..no to the things that aren’t serving us. No to people pleasing. No to busy and chaos and anxiety. No to the things that are not from God.  No to good things sister!  Are you with me?  Join me every Monday for a new hot episode full of fire for your life! 

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